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You Are Ready for the Living Truth of God

You Are Ready for the Living Truth of God Jesus of Nazareth through Virginia Ellen

I greet you in the light of the God that I am. You are beloved of God, God’s beloved love, and God’s beloved life. In truth, you have no life separate from God.

You are moving into a new flow of energy, and with this new energy will come the truth of God. In my lifetime, I was unable to bring to my disciples and the people the truth of God. The wisdom I carried within me was beyond their understanding. I gave them what they were ready for, and even these teachings could not be embraced fully. Therefore, the teachings that have been written are but a small expression of the wisdom that I hold within me.

It has been necessary to allow time — more than 2,000 years — for humanity to evolve before the living truth can be taught. With great waves of light, humanity will become ready to receive the living truth of God and the teachings that will take you into the seventh dimension.