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You Are Powerful beyond Belief

You Are Powerful beyond Belief Artemis through Kenneth Drake

“The great Source and All That Is have continuously been asking of you but one singular question: ‘What do you truly desire?’”

— Artemis

Beloved soul, it is necessary that we speak about your most sacred and inspired force — your desires. At times, you have not only questioned your creative power but also your ability to attract what you feel great magnetism toward. You questioned and felt great dis-ease when you have appeared unable to bring into your life those things that you truly desire.

Desire, beloved, is the great and most supreme magnetism of All That Is, and it is the magnetic force that suspends in orbit the worlds within creation. Yes, desire is quite a powerful, divine force. Did you not know that it is your desire that holds the worlds together? The desire within the great collective consciousness keeps existence in order, and in the consciousness of the collective, there is great balance.