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You Are Here to Feel It All

You Are Here to Feel It All The Divine through Sara Wiseman

The mind tells you one thing or the other: What you don’t have, what you think you need, why this isn’t good, and why that isn’t enough.

In reality, this feast of life is only bliss, nirvana, the shuddering of pure grace. It is ecstasy to become aware of this life — this nectar of the sky, the winds, and the air; this ecstasy of the earth, the plants, and the stones; this grand expanse of Earth — all of it and all it contains!

You are created by light for your immersion and your enjoyment. You are created by light so that you, as light, can be here and feel it. It’s so that you can feel it all with your bare feet on the ground and your lungs drawing in that sweet air, your arms outstretched to become one with the trees, and the birds singing in your ears. And this is just one moment!