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A Time for Fulfilling Relationships

A Time for Fulfilling Relationships Donna Taylor

As we battle with the world’s challenges, it is easy to forget the importance of making time to enjoy ourselves with people we like and care about. We can be so consumed with getting ahead, doing everything we need to do, and worrying about all the things we can’t do much about, that we let our relationships slide into second or third place. October is a timely reminder — as the Sun and Mars move into Libra, the sign of relating — that we can’t be truly happy if our interactions with others aren’t fulfilling.

Try Kindness and Diplomacy

October brings a chance to create harmony, pleasure, and cooperation. If there are people we haven’t seen eye to eye with, it should be much easier this month to either find some common ground or simply overlook their annoying features and allow them to be as they are. Ironically, once we accept people as they are and quit wishing they were different, the person often changes; or at the very least, the relationship naturally improves.

This will be important to remember as the Sun squares Saturn, making it likely that we will come up against people who have very different ideas from ours; we might find them oppressive, stern, or authoritarian. We might feel as though they are imposing their will or their rules too harshly. There’s certainly a feeling of restriction at various points in October, particularly between October 5 and 14 and then between October 22 and 29.