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Shamanic Wisdom: The Experience of Alternative Realities

Shamanic Wisdom: The Experience of Alternative Realities Jan Engels-Smith

In novels, movies, and television shows, the concept of alternative realities has become a staple of contemporary science fiction. This phenomenon extends beyond the visionary imaginations of novelists, screenwriters, and film directors. The expansiveness of new sciences has exposed us to the logical consideration of the mysteries of the universe and human consciousness.

More and more, we can conceive of spirituality and science as fellow travelers in the exploration of the meaning of existence by confronting the mysteries that have engaged civilization from ancient indigenous cultures to the communities of quantum physicists. The questions raised by these disparate groups seem to lead to remarkably similar enquiries.

As a shamanic practitioner with university degrees in biology, chemistry, and psychology, I have come to understand that the seeming conflicts that we think exist are not a problem of truth; the issue is with how we perceive the universe and come to a deeper knowledge of reality. Let me provide an example and a practice that might help readers to understand.