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The Shadow Self Is Clearing the Vessel of Inner Conflict

The Shadow Self Is Clearing the Vessel of Inner Conflict Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

Now the U.S. and other countries are going through a time of struggle. It is like you are releasing your inner shadow side. To do that, you have to transform it by allowing it to express itself. This is why sometimes even with the closest friends, lovers, brothers, and sisters, you have arguments about things that seem to get started by something very insignificant, very small. Of course, there will be other arguments about this and that, but your inner conflict (another way of saying your shadow side) needs to be released to demonstrate itself. However, you do not need to inflict it on others.

I will give you some suggestions on how to let it go. Some are very easy to do, and some might be a bit more complicated. Some of you will like it one way, and others will like it another way.

The Physical Symptoms of Inner Conflict

You will know when your inner struggling self (the shadow self) is trying to come to the surface, because you can simply overhear a conversation, see something on TV, read something, or just have a thought and literally feel yourself churning inside. Your hands might shake or some place in your body will shake, because you can feel something physical.