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Renegotiate What You Want to Be to Each Other

Renegotiate What You Want to Be to Each Other Archangel Raphael through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

This is Raphael, angel Raphael. Some of you have known me as an archangel. So to avoid confusion, this is the same angel. There are no lesser or greater Raphaels in the angel territories. We do not have the hierarchies you see in us. So “angel” works fine to let you know which type of being is speaking. But we don’t consider ourselves to exist in tiers or hierarchies. That is a human construct, and understandably so because the human world was — until just now (a few moments, days, years ago) — quite hierarchical.

“Created Equal” and Hierarchies Don’t Mix

You are coming into a time of understanding that hierarchy is useless to you as an evolving type of being and as humans in general. We urge you to consider, also, that as things feel stale or outmoded in the way you relate to each other, determine whether some old hierarchy is in place that doesn’t make sense anymore.

If you are no longer subjugated by someone or trying to subjugate someone, the very notion of hierarchy doesn’t make sense. Not even from an efficiency standpoint. If you were to say, “I am better at ‘this’ task, so I’ll do ‘this,’ and you’re better at ‘that’ task, so you do ‘that,’” that’s not hierarchy. It’s something else; it’s the division of labors or inspirations.