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Release Yourself from System Constructs

Release Yourself from System Constructs The Galactic Council of Lightbeings through gia combs-ramirez

Greetings! We are the Galactic Council of Lightbeings. In the past nine months, we’ve offered many tools, including the release of the pain body, creating the crystalline soul-body matrix, how to manifest in chaos, developing the crystalline emotional body, working with a manifesting hologram, and more. What has changed for you? By noticing what has changed, your brain doesn’t revert to the old patterns of lack and struggle. Celebrate and own any transformation you have achieved.

Take Steps toward Your Highest Potential

This month and the next two, we are bringing your systems into alignment with the New Earth’s highest potential. Or better yet, you are bringing your systems into alignment with the New Earth. Working at a system level is the deepest, most reverential work there is and can bring up great fear. That is why we will talk about what can shift, and you will decide whether you are ready for that yet. What you find is not a scary place that leaves you unsupported or disoriented but a shift that accesses your greatest joy. So from your greatest fear, imagine a slight step to one side and stand in your greatest joy and highest potential.

Start with envisioning a life you would love to live. This won’t lock you into something you can’t change later. You can only begin where your conscious awareness is, so start there. What do you creatively do? What kind of relationships do you have? How do your finances look, sound, and feel? How is your health? What kind of home do you have?