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A New Opportunity to Spread Your Light

A New Opportunity to Spread Your Light The Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

This is the New Earth, and the time is now for all goddesses on Earth to join forces in light. You of all ages, sizes, colors, and imaginations allow your creative abilities to shine. You create with every breath you take.

Every thought creates. Listen to your thoughts, because they manifest somewhere in the universe. You may not see the creation in your Earth environment, but it has already become a creation somewhere, somehow. If your thoughts are negative and fearful, they will not manifest on this New Earth. Be mindful of creating karma somewhere that you may have to clear at some point in the future.

Hateful, judgemental thoughts can be canceled before they manifest if you think “cancel” three times and replace it with words of love, peace, joy, and harmony. But remember the eight-second rule; it must be done immediately after you think, speak, or write the judgment.