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The Master’s Way: Love, Guidance, and Noninterference

The Master’s Way: Love, Guidance, and Noninterference The Divine Directors through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Breathe in now, and receive the gift of your divine nature expanding through your body of form. As you connect with this blessing through greater relaxation, simply invite your self to ease into the space of receiving. This is the master’s way, and it is your way.

Free Yourself from Confusion and Thrive

Within the cocreative expansiveness of the journey you experience, we collectively come forward with the sacred intention of offering the experience of crystalline clarity. The expanding energy of this experience of form is one that has now anchored into a frequency that sustains the complexity of confusion. This energy — the complexity of confusion — is enticing! When experienced through the body of form and the mind that seeks to control, the energy of confusion can, itself, be confused as fuel for the journey.

Due to this confusion, the physical body responds automatically in ways that frequently add to the fog of uncertainty that surrounds the clarity of your mastery. Whenever a leap in consciousness is imminent, so is the energy of confusion and distraction. As is the way of the world of polarity, this energy reveals itself so that you may gain ever-greater clarity. This is a transcendent experience that ignites a quality of certainty that often did not exist before this information being revealed.