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The Light and the Dark of It All

The Light and the Dark of It All The Collective Soul of Your Galaxy through Carolyn Gervais

Every moment of your lives brings with it endless opportunities that awaken ideas, emotions, and new ways of living in the world that enhance your and others’ lives. This is recalibration at work, which balances the dark and the light inside your consciousness. It activates certain DNA strands ready to awaken from a long, deep sleep.

You, old soul or new lightworker, are connected with the One Creative Soul called Spirit that works with and through you. As you walk your path, life manifests. What is life but a constant and active ever-changing manifestation of the visible and invisible perceived through the many varied frequencies of human divination.

What Your Emotions Believe

When life feels tedious and fearful, that is when you allow the dark side of life to control the body, mind, and emotions in ways that can become physically and mentally debilitating. There are two main aspects of life: the dark and the light. These continuously fluctuate each day to some degree of balance and imbalance that depends on how you emotionalize your feelings from moment to moment. This includes what your particular life brings forward every day based in and around the strength and belief your emotions have.