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Let Your Spiritual Nature Out of the Box

Let Your Spiritual Nature Out of the Box Ascended Master Lady Nada through Ingrid Auer

You may sometimes feel alone and misunderstood with your spirituality — your love for the angels and we the ascended masters. Maybe other people tell you spiritual messages are just fantasies that are not scientifically accurate and lack an intellectual foundation. You may wonder why so many people simply do not allow any spiritual thoughts.

Consciously Live Your Spirituality

You should accept that the majority of your fellow people remain stuck in a tight box of thoughts and do not see any reason to get out of it. Unfortunately, it often takes tragic strokes of fate for them to look for an escape from their spiritual dead end.

Since receiving the messages from Kryon [channeled through Lee Carroll], you know your spirituality is virtually innate, based in the multidimensional layers of your DNA. Your DNA may send you spiritual impulses, but as long as you are not ready and open for them, you will not perceive them.