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Let One Life Awareness Unfold

Let One Life Awareness Unfold One Life through Catherine Weser

You all view your reality based on your beliefs about the nature of reality and, hence, the nature of the mind. These beliefs are organized and interdependent stories that generally radiate from a core belief central to your worldview. How you see the world and how you understand the way that the world works for you is your belief system.

This influences what you think, do, and perceive. You might call it your philosophy of life or your religion. Or you might not be aware of any underlying ideology or mindset that operates beneath the surface, guiding you on your life’s journey.

Your Story

Everyone has a belief system comprised of interconnected, coherent, strongly held convictions or beliefs. We say these beliefs are stories because there is no objectivity inherent in a belief. Your beliefs are always very personal. Most of you think your belief system is rational because it makes sense to you, but it may not make any sense to someone else. Your belief system can be very fixed or very flexible, and the changes that occur in any part of the system compel the whole system to rearrange itself.