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Let Fear Take a Backseat to Love

Let Fear Take a Backseat to Love Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

In your experience of life on Earth in the great shift in consciousness, things may come up now that feel like a test. You may encounter health concerns, relationship issues, or something disturbing in your life that you’d like to bring back into balance or have disappear.

Do these challenges mean that you’ve done something wrong or that you have been unsuccessful in your endeavors? What if this is where you are meant to be in the now? You may end up some place else or with someone else than you had in mind. What if it turns out this is for your greater good?

When you engage the challenges facing you now, this opens doors to new arenas of growth. Step forward in love. Search for the full completion of every endeavor. Take note of what your mind focuses on and what you might be missing. Turn over every stone on the path so that you explore fully the life lessons you have come to experience. I realize that may sound cliché, but it really is so. This is the journey of all on this planet.