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Let Change Be Your Mission and Joy Your Outcome

Let Change Be Your Mission and Joy Your Outcome Sanat Kumara through Maureen St. Germain

We see so many of you in a state of uncertainty and chaos. We think the chaos you observe is because you can no longer control the environment you are in. This is due to the rapid change your reality is going through. This rapid change is a good thing. You are speeding up your processes — you are speeding up to catch up — to achieve a level of spirituality in your world significantly beyond your current way of living, seeing, and thinking. So this chaos is simply marginal. It is the uncertainty that is significant.

Forget the Dark and Continue Your Adventure

We understand your desire to control your situation, but we invite you to let go. Hanging on prevents you from having the world and the version of the reality you have asked for all of your life.

We know humans tend to seek comfort in what is familiar. This is because being with God is familiar. The seeking of what is familiar leads you to think you seek God. In fact, you chose, like all humans, to come out of this secure place of familiarity to go on an adventure and explore the world of polarity to assist yourself as God in expanding what God is. Your experiences of light and dark expand the expression of God.