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How the Future Is Constructed

How the Future Is Constructed The Pleiadians Norma and Adora through Jenine Beecher

Norma: Hello, I am Norma. I am from the Pleiades, and I am going to talk about future experiences and how they are built. The future is malleable energy for constructing, ready to be molded and sculpted, based on your trajectory. The future is built on your highest purpose and consciousness. It is the conglomeration of your best practices focused in one direction, form, and movement forward.

Such manifestation works best when you’re focused on your next best steps. What is going to make you progress as a spirit in your body? What is going to help you move forward in your lifetime and your friends move forward as well? The ripple effect radiates out to your species and influences its forward movement. Ask yourself, “Where am I going that will help me express who I am and my creativity in the largest way possible?”

Manifestations do not always come to fruition when they are not a reflection of your highest self, your truest identity. Desires vibrating at lower-level frequencies come into play based on what you like to experience in your current lifetime. Often those desires cannot help you progress.