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Free-Energy Creation Reminders

Free-Energy Creation Reminders The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Biolight masters, today we review the main creative growth stages of your evolving soul-spirit essence as a sovereign, free-energy human master. This will help you be poised for the rapid acceleration in your creative energies that will change you, your planet, and the entire cosmos in the next decade. As you ascend daily into the free-energy heart DNA essence, you understand that you’re not just your body; the vessel is a bio-imprint of the heart’s DNA essence.

Your creative, life force, and sexual energies are all the same essence that makes up your consciousness. The cosmic fire elements of the I Am soul, the I Am That I Am spirit, and the eternal presence, embodied as divine-human free-energy masters, are your essence consciousness and the essence expression of all life.

The sacred body shroud, imprint, or animation is just a tiny light factor of spirit essence. You simply can’t fit all your consciousness inside the vessel. The master essence can change the heart’s DNA bio-imprint into any life form chosen because DNA, not the brain or body, contains all the information of essence imprinting. DNA operates as a computer inside an organic essence cell pod of electrochemicals. The brain-body’s past and future memory video programming is gradually decoded and detoxed throughout each cell. This happens while merging aspects, lifetimes, or existences of the soul — and also in spirit-oversoul merges or rebirths.