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Follow Your Heart to Gain Clarity

Follow Your Heart to Gain Clarity The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The energies for October open with powerful transformation facilitating the use of focused emotional energies to dream the soul’s desires awake, individually and collectively. Clarity is possible with heart-centered guidance going with the flow between the past and future. Following the inner truth center — the soul-heart’s guidance — leads to miraculous opportunities based on balanced reciprocity, the figure 8 flow of giving and receiving from the universe and all within it.

Watch for Deep Levels of Guidance

Those able to connect fully with their perfected vision (of light, life, and love) and willing to let go of fear, greed, and control will be deeply rewarded with the manifestation of their destinies and soul-heart desires. The Hathors and Ma’ats will communicate with deep levels of guidance in the dream, meditation, and waking states to those with open and receptive hearts. They will show you the path of joy, abundance, and nurturance where balanced reciprocity facilitates the ability to remain openhearted, trusting, and loving in all interactions.

The guidance required to form communities based on these tenets will come in and show the empowering way to restructure and reorganize the life so that a support network of like mind and heart, self-responsible places will begin to manifest. Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess, weighs the heart of each member of the human kingdom to determine whether the heart is light (as is her feather of truth) or weighed down by fear, regret, guilt, anger, resentment, dependency, and projection.