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The Evolution of Consciousness and Humanity’s Ascension

The Evolution of Consciousness and Humanity’s Ascension Sophia of Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

The human mind seeks to take action. This motivates the persona to adapt a belief system that reality is dependent on right and wrong action and the consequences of behavior. People have an opportunity to engage in conflict that will create a discordant reality, or they can awaken to the bioenergetics of creation that is an organic force of consciousness.

Within the human psyche, there is a pearl of wisdom. It is natural and part of the force that created Earth, the balance of the ecosystems, and the cycle of life. Within the pearl of wisdom is the essence of compassion. Compassion is greater than the need for humans to have control of their destinies or control of others. Compassion is the loam of consciousness. Compassion evolves from the source of Infinite Oneness, which is the love that formed creation and the consciousness of the human soul.

Each individual has a field of relativity that captivates the attention of the inquisitive mind with a desire to know, explore, and create. It is this very element that makes humans unique. It is this very element in the human psyche that either elevates human consciousness or creates an entanglement with the lesser self, attempting to control the perceptual context of reality of the human psyche.