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The Emergence of a Heart-Centered Society

The Emergence of a Heart-Centered Society Lynn Buess

This is the time for a new foundation of society built on truth and heart-centeredness. In business, heart-centered small companies continue to grow and flourish and lead the trend of the future. We will see more of this develop in 2020. Now, a little more light shines and less darkness prevails. This will progress in increments, since the dark has held such a hypnotic hold on the sleeping masses.

As the year has progressed, we’ve gotten a preview of some of things that will be more socially important in the year ahead. An updated and revised view of all things on Earth is in the making, with evidence from space probes, awakened archaeology, repressed government information, advanced engineering, divine cosmology, and so on. New heart-based small business paradigms chip away at the large, toxic corporate model that has tried to get a hold of human evolution and growth.

Everything is speeding up. All you have to do is watch the quickness, adroitness, and gravity-defying feats displayed in sports, acrobatics, dance, and other forms of body movement to see this is true. Expect a major mass-consciousness event that opens the minds and hearts of the planet’s population.