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Does It Have Crazy Written All Over It?

Does It Have Crazy Written All Over It? Nancy Robinson

You can manifest heaven on Earth and experience wonderful relationships and joyful happenings when you generate from clear-minded, balanced, harmonious energies and listen to your higher guidance. However, if you create from lower energies such as fear, neediness, and self-destructiveness, you can generate blocking, negative energies with a feeling of craziness.

Unbalanced energies are extreme and chaotic, and they cause negative, unwanted, or disruptive effects. If discordant energies have shown up in your life and you’re ready to get your balance and joy back, the following may help.

Recognize What You’re Doing

When something feels off, things feel stuck. If you’re heading in an unhealthy direction, take time to pause and reflect on what’s happening around you. As you recognize that what you’re doing isn’t working, you can make new choices about your situation. Identify from whom, what, or where the chaotic energies are coming and what changes you can make.