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Cast Off All Fear and Return to Love

Cast Off All Fear and Return to Love The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders, the first souls who came to Earth. We created the information system that allows human consciousness to fulfill its purpose: to contribute to the ascension of the physical aspects of the Gaia system through cocreation.

The Completion of the Four Worlds

We realized our consciousness made it impossible to be an integrated part of the physical Gaia system and contribute to its ascension. As we shared in earlier messages, we created twelve levels of consciousness and their connected grids to allow souls to descend in vibration and, finally, to incarnate in a human form that is an integrated part of the physical Earth.1

Over time, the levels of consciousness we created formed the four worlds. The first world, dominated by the elemental power of fire, was characterized by the expression of “I am conscious.” The second world you remember as the worlds of Lemuria and the Sidhe. It had the elemental power of water as the dominant element and is characterized by “I create.” The third world you know as Atlantis. The dominant elemental power of that world was air and is characterized by “I control matter.” The fourth world is the world in which you currently live. The dominant elemental power is earth, and your world is characterized by “I have.” The focus on “I have” has led to the tendency of many of you to want more than you need to feel safe, consequently destroying many natural resources.