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Ask the Angels: All Will Be Understood

Ask the Angels: All Will Be Understood Cheryl Gaer Barlow

From Cheryl: I received a letter from a family in Montana that experienced a double suicide, and I have decided not to print it in order to protect the family and the writer from any scrutiny. They need time to process what has happened without publicity. I have sent a letter to them from the angels but would like to address the subject of suicide in this column from the words received from angels.

From the angels: There is a time set by you and the angels that guide you before your birth on Earth to end your normal life span. You discuss your life goals and plan a general life path before your entry to Earth. Once here, you have free choice and can reject the plans laid out in the heavens.

Taking your life is against God’s plans for you, and suicide is one way to reject God’s will. This life is a gift, and the choice of suicide is a setback of the soul’s growth. Each person planned specific events to occur during his or her life span, so there are repercussions because of the unfulfilled planned events. Know that the soul will have many chances to complete the designated tasks. Life goes on through eternity.