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Are You Being Honest about Your Health?

Are You Being Honest about Your Health? Phyllis Light

It is a challenge to maintain a state of good health and well-being in our world today. There are so many obstacles we face, the biggest one being the bombardment of over 300,000 negative, life-damaging frequencies per minute from cell phones, satellites, Wi-Fi, computers, TV and radio broadcasts, GPS, and other unnatural energies filling the air of our high-tech world. And you really can’t escape them.

I know people who have moved to a remote country location in order to feel more peace and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Once they install electricity, set up Wi-Fi, and use their computer, cell phone, and other mobile devices, they are back to being energetically bombarded and damaged the same way they were in the city.

A Blueprint for the Physical Body

The high-tech frequencies fill our world. They saturate the spaces in which we live and work. Even though they are invisible, they wreak havoc on our subtle energy fields and, consequently, our physical bodies.