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Access Your Original DNA Energy

Access Your Original DNA Energy Lady Kwan Yin through Rae Chandran

Blessed one, this is Lady Kwan Yin with Irhaan Rae Chandran in the Jinnan temple in Shanghai. I wish to briefly talk about the connection of the Moon with the human spirit, spirituality, and evolution.

We have been brought to the planet as a fortifying, healing force when human DNA was deliberately modified. When the DNA was damaged, it created a wound; now there is a bandage to cover the wound. The council that oversees the evolution of the planet sent energy that can rectify the damaged DNA.

This energy is about 1 meter above your head, and it’s shaped like a crescent moon with a pyramid above. This energetic pattern has been there for a long time, and it holds certain energies. Draw a crescent moon with a pyramid above it. The energy’s color is soft platinum white.