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You’re Being Prepared to Hear the Voice of Power

You’re Being Prepared to Hear the Voice of Power Ariel through Arthur Fanning

We are here. Peace to all beings, mercy. The secret of your success is becoming the calm within the storm. You’ll need to learn how to calm the seas before you. And that’s a phrase relating to emotional energies you’ll run into. The curriculum stands as this: The right side of your pelvis will begin to take a large amount of energy, and you’ll need to circulate it up the right side of your body to the right half of your brain in order to get something accomplished. That energy wants to do something.

It’s best to prepare yourself for the things that you need to get done now. Have a list so that you can proceed with that energy as it comes in to do something. That’s part of your mystical self claiming yourself now, wanting to accomplish something so that it has a sense of self coming into the right side of your body. The sense of self is the feeling that it has helped the physical body and the other one within you that sometimes is confused and listens to what everyone else is saying instead of understanding the truth of your being and the frequency that matches your self. It produces frequencies that match others, and you’ll be in (what you call) an environment of safety of your spiritual forces, because that’s what you will need to know.

Another portion of your being is arriving, and it’s coming up from the planet. It’s coming up, and it will interact with the solar plexus. Your posture will become different. It has more of an authoritarian type of thing — but not to lord over others, which is what’s going on now. It’s to help you understand the safety of yourself.