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Use Your Great Gift of Love

Use Your Great Gift of Love Light Bearers of Atlantis through Thelma Bodnar

The light shines brightly on each of you. You are God’s beloved children. Many have come to your planet and have chosen to deny that they are connected to anyone, let alone connected to God. As the planet shifts its internal and external expectations, manifestations, and ultimate perceptions, the reality of the “godness” all around will permeate even the strongest disbelievers.

You are all here because you chose a mission that only you could bring about, a purpose that only you can see to the end. The path you take matters less than the result of your undertakings. Seldom does the Sun set when you have not implemented a part of your purpose. Each day may seem like an irrelevant string of hours with no visible advancement, but whether the movement is slow or fast, progress is apparent to us.

Blessings and grace await you as you wake to each new day. Some days you jump from your bed ready to take on the world, and other days you feel as if you don’t have enough energy to put a foot on the floor. It matters not. Your destination still awaits you, and the grace to get you there is always available. Much has been accomplished by those who linger in bed! We see it as your choice. Unfortunately in many cases, the obligations of work and family drag you from the comforts of your bed too soon.