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Use the Violet Flame to Be Present with Your Essence

Use the Violet Flame to Be Present with Your Essence Lady Portia through Natalie Glasson

Divine blessings extend through my being to your essence and truth. I am Lady Portia, the sacred feminine aspect of Saint Germain. My purpose is to oversee the awakening of the new age of ascension through the seventh ray of light expression of the Creator. Within the seventh-ray ashram on the inner planes of the Creator’s universe, the violet flame of transmutation and transformation is fully anchored and present. I, Lady Portia, wish to enroll you in a deep purification and transformation of your entire being to become present with your essence. In doing so, I wish to create a sense of space within your being and reality that will aid in manifesting your essence. When you clear the blocks to your essence, you allow it to unfold and manifest in an exciting and liberating way.

My love is present with you now. Allow yourself to feel, sense, and acknowledge the presence of my love all around you. Please breathe my love into your entire being, and imagine its energy integrating with the loving presence of your essence in each cell and aspect of you. Experience this fully.

When you feel ready and are connected with the synthesized love of your essence and my essence within you, ask this question: “What is the difference between the love of my being and the love of Lady Portia?”