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An Upcoming Opportunity for Tremendous Growth

An Upcoming Opportunity for Tremendous Growth Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

Well, here we are again, connecting through the ethers and the dimensions. It is good to do this, yes? We both benefit — you from receiving the information we share with you and we from the sharing of it.

It is quite an honor to have the ability to make this connection. We are allowed to do so only with your permission and the permission of the Council of Twelve, the watchers and guardians of your planet and your dimension. They protect all of you and your planet from harmful interference from beings that exist in other worlds and who wish to do you harm for their benefit. They also protect you and your planet from those who could unintentionally do harm. Now you have some notions of what a grand honor it is for us to be able to connect with you and share information, which we hope will benefit you, as is our intention.

You Must Experience All Levels of Evolution

It is of some import that we tell you of a coming influence that will offer you the opportunity for tremendous growth. As always, it is your choice to take advantage of this opportunity or not. However, the truth is that you will act on it either now or later. You can delay or avoid it now, but eventually you will see the benefit of choosing to utilize this opportunity to advance yourself and your world.