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Tune in to Your Luminous, Limitless Light

Tune in to Your Luminous, Limitless Light Spirit through Marta Ulbricht

We are each a strand of an incomprehensibly large and ever-expanding web that is growing in all directions in directionless space. At the very center of this web, there is a source of light that vibrates pure love energy through each hair-thin strand just to express itself through various physical forms. This is how sacred human life is.

Throughout your entire lives, you are unfolding to reveal a magnificence that is beyond the comprehension of the surface mind. It is your agreement, your responsibility, and your mandate as beings of light to reflect and reveal this magnificence through your luminous frequency that you call the self. Life has chosen you, trusted you, to allow its divine brilliance to be recognized by your eyes and expressed by your being.

To say “turn on your light” or “step into your light” would be ridiculous, redundant statements. Your light is already on, and you are already inside of it because you are it. A more accurate statement is: “Tune in to your light, you glorious being.”