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Transform the Dream of Security: Discovering I Am

Transform the Dream of Security: Discovering I Am Alberto Villoldo

Before we lived in towns, we found safety and security around the village campfire. The dancing flames kept the dark at bay and the large animals away. For centuries, firelight was the only light we knew after sunset, and even today, we find pleasure in sitting by the fireplace or eating in candlelight.

For the shamans, fire was not only for cooking and staying warm; it was the living presence of the Primordial Light of the universe. The sunlight and starlight that had been captured by the leaves of the tree were set free again when the logs were placed in the fire. The light provided a deep sense of safety by dispelling the shadows within which our fears lived.

The firelight eased your feelings of hunger even as your stomach growled. It alleviated your loneliness even as you sat alone. You felt accompanied by your ancestors and could sense the faint presence of future generations. The flames stilled your fear even as you knew there were mysterious and powerful forces lurking in the forest around you, and the embers dissolved your longing as you were reminded of the generosity of the Primordial Light.