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Shift to Greater Personal Light

Shift to Greater Personal Light Archangel Raphael through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

Some of you have been wondering where the greatening light (mentioned by many angels and guides) is. When will you personally begin to feel it? The energies of this eclipse [July 28, 2018] have allowed an opening within you. This is a more personal time for the light to shine through, and the groundwork that has been laid on a planetary level will now be more perceivable to you. Many who have been sensitive to planetary and environmental energies have felt this for some months, and now those of you whose awareness is more contained in your being will begin to feel what those others have spoken about.

What does it mean to enter a time of greatening light? Does it mean ease and harmony? Not necessarily, but you might taste the delicious nature of greatening light and enjoy it more than the mixed sensations of light and dark. That is your choice. What we bring you now (by “we,” we mean the collective cosmic forces bringing about this great change) is greatening light for your personal being. It is not meant to be hoarded, of course, but you can perceive it as individual. You are not separate from the environment or cosmic forces and greatening light that have beheld your planet. However, not all of you are sensitive enough to perceive this, and some of you have been experiencing a time of great fear. Now you enter an era when it becomes easier to personally perceive this light.

So what is this greatening light about? Light and darkness are the dichotomies of your world. Although everything is of one Great Spirit, one “Godness,” you still perceive it in the dichotomy of light and dark and have the tendency to associate light with God. This is not the case. Light is no more God than dark. But light could be expressed as a tendency for the soul to lift to its greatest purpose, service for others. In its fundamental beingness, light is a quality and state of being that cannot be described. However, it is not better than or a state of goodness greater than dark. That is why the eclipse is such a beautiful time to embrace your wholeness. It’s a time when a light you are used to perceiving is covered in a beautiful blanket of dark.