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Shamanic Wisdom: The Love Needed to Change the World

Shamanic Wisdom: The Love Needed to Change the World Jan Engels-Smith

Annually, I conduct a retreat that we refer to as the telepathic practicum. Students have the opportunity to come together in a weeklong camping experience to apply what they have learned in a natural setting — close to the earth and the spirits.

We create a microcosm of what the New Earth could be like for all humanity — a place of harmony, unity, collaboration, and support. During the week, we receive major downloads and teachings from the spirits that create the foundation for new concepts in healing modalities, new classes, and ceremonies to move energy in productive and influential ways.

One of the original students of LightSong, Colleen Benelli, coined the phrase “spiritual research” to refer to the extensive numbers of journeys and emerging questions drawn from deep listening that develops into usable and powerful techniques. Our spiritual research has led to new discoveries and new understandings that have altered many lives.