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Reconcile Your Actions with Your Values

Reconcile Your Actions with Your Values Donna Taylor

There is a Venusian theme throughout October, so expect issues concerning love, relationships, money, and aesthetics to pop up. When Venus turns retrograde on October 5, all that she represents takes on a greater dimension. The most likely area for concern for most will be relationships, and any union that isn’t working effectively could come into focus. A friend you’ve not been happy with for some time might bring matters to a head, and you’ll have the opportunity to clear the air and either repair the damage or end the friendship. The same applies to all relationships; the only criterion necessary for this to become prominent in your consciousness is some form of disgruntlement. Many married couples or people in long-term relationships will have the opportunity to discuss troublesome issues so that situations can improve.

Initiating a new relationship or getting married under a Venus retrograde cycle is not usually considered ideal, but I have known exceptions to this. So don’t worry if you’re heading down the aisle in October. Initiating or committing to a relationship during Venus retrograde simply means that you have to be more conscious of what you’re doing, so take extra care and make absolutely sure that it feels right in your heart, because Venus will penalize anyone who enters a relationship in haste at this time.

People tend not to pay attention to the areas in life governed by a retrograding planet, which is why we advise them to read the small print on contracts very carefully under a Mercury retrograde cycle. It’s also why surgery is ill advised under a Mars retrograde transit unless you’re absolutely sure of the surgeon and that the operation can’t wait. Thus, with Venus in retrograde, we shouldn’t rush into new relationships or financial dealings because the normal procedure isn’t operating as it should. For example, we could end up buying a car or a house and later regret the decision.