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Practice Meditation to Empower Your Lifestyle

Practice Meditation to Empower Your Lifestyle Jenine Beecher

Meditation acts as a compass to guide our paths, helping us to better know ourselves. When we meditate, our energy is firmly rooted in the present, creating the space for us to connect with our intuition. We notice greater ease in identifying our values and priorities and establishing mindfulness around our actions and communication. We develop healthy boundaries, maintain emotional balance, and experience personal fulfillment in recognizing how we can best serve ourselves and our community.

When we practice meditation regularly, our thoughts are clearer, our energy is calmer, our focus is sharper, and our irritability is lessened. Creativity flows, and decisions are easier, as we are in control of the energy in our space.

When we are out of balance, we feel overworked, defensive, nervous, and anxious about the future. We put others’ needs before our own. We might try to control people and react to growth opportunities with resistance. We do not face the needs of our spirits first.