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Potential versus Prediction

Potential versus Prediction Serapis Bey through Rebecca Dawson

You are experiencing the beginning of freedom. You are like the pip being squeezed from an orange: You start to feel the pressure, but you also know that as soon as you are shot out, you will find a place to land. So you feel squeezed, and the squeeze is beneficial because it will provide you with the movement required. It will provide you with the momentum to project you to where you need to be.

You no longer need to stay in the orange because the orange is where the seed is stored until it is ready to sprout, where it is kept moist and warm and safe. It is where it is shielded from the elements. You no longer require that kind of protection. You no longer require that kind of incubation because you have been in incubation for a very long time: dormancy followed by incubation and now seeding.

You find that this is about moving out of what has been comfortable for you and into the wide-open spaces. Naturally, your inclination is to move toward anything that is a wide-open space — in other words, anything with less structure, less regimented authority, or less scheduling.