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Move beyond Depression and Anxiety

Move beyond Depression and Anxiety One Life through Catherine Weser

There are many ways to look at depression and anxiety. We wish to discuss the depression and anxiety that are normal parts of a healthy and expansive emotional experience of life. In this sense, most of you have felt depressed — blue or out of sync with the moment — from time to time. These are common experiences.

A deeper look reveals that these experiences take you to an inner space where you have to trust that everything you know and everything you don’t know are the same. You may sense that there’s nothing you know without doubt and nothing you don’t know without doubt. You may find that the end and the beginning of all your spiritual seeking are one and the same.

You may feel depressed because you have lived your life believing you know many things and thinking that what you know will take you where you want to go. Finding that you must let go of your current way of organizing your reality without having a structure to replace it may cause you to feel depressed. It’s a kind of collapse of the comfortable sense of self that takes you to discomfort and instability.