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The Law of One in France, Part Three

The Law of One in France, Part Three Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Metatron: Greetings, masters. I am Metatron, angel of light, with Tyberonn of crystalline service. We greet you, one and all, in a vector of unconditional love. Dear hearts, please take a moment to feel our energy form around you as we embrace you in grace and love. We know each of you by name, vibration, and heart because it is energy that you are, energy that you project, and energy that we sense and know. Do you truly realize how much you are loved and that we are always with you? Indeed, we are.

This is the final portion of channeling on the Law of One in France. As we mentioned briefly in part one, soul groups tend to incarnate together in a cyclic mass. This is a most effective and reasoned practice because existing relationships, both loving and karmic, among the soul group are the logical and requisite format for growth and evolution. However, some mass influxes occur with purpose, planning, and intent to bring about large-scale change for the better. This was the reason for the influx of souls in France and other parts of Europe during the Renaissance and the Golden Era of France.

Keep in mind that the Renaissance (rebirth) occurred as Europe was emerging from the primitive and feudal Dark Ages. Accordingly, the advanced souls of the specialized guild known as the Law of One were required to incarnate into families of influence, authority, and power to cause change. This was the most effective route to bring about change in that specific demographic and time. This required incarnating into noble families who carried the double-edged swords of aristocracy, power, and wealth.