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How You Manifest from Your First Chakra

How You Manifest from Your First Chakra Jesus through Virginia Ellen

The first chakra is the foundation of your life. Within the first six to eight years, you create your first chakra, which is made up of what you think about yourself. Addictions, fears, anger, loneliness, separation, lack of love, lack of money — all limitations begin in your first chakra.

These beliefs of self affect the physical body — its longevity, strength, and health. Healthy thoughts of self create a healthy body. Your name influences your life more than you realize. People become that which they name themselves, working within the divine law of choice. By choice, you become less than divine; you become the ideal that you present for yourself. Divine intelligence supports your choices and directs energy to support you. Remember that you are in union with the Divine and free to choose and create in your world.

When you hold the truth of yourself in your consciousness, you can experience yourself as nothing but divine. Stand in the light, name yourself as divine, and draw to you that which you have chosen to think you are. Focus on the truth of that which you truly are: pure and perfect light. This is the law of God.