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Healing the Emotional Body

Healing the Emotional Body Karinna Nielsen

A while ago, a friend was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. She and her family tried everything they could to heal it. They tried the medical world, alternative therapies, hands-on healing, and special diets, but the cancer wouldn’t go away. Finally, when the hospital suggested she go into hospice care, she asked her family, “Am I going to die?” It was so emotionally overwhelming that she and her family just cried together and shared their love with each other.

What is healing? Is it curing a disease? Is it finding a miraculous diet, pill, or treatment that can make it all go away? Or can healing also mean dying — leaving this plane of existence? The concept of healing has various meanings to us. I have felt healing in many ways in my life — not just physically but also through the other three bodies (emotional, mental, and spiritual).

The emotional body is one that we like to tuck away in our human lives. I know I did. Perhaps that’s because its love is very powerful and opens a strong connection to our spiritual selves. I felt so much more comfortable in the mental body — figuring things out, following the rules, and knowing the path to success in life — that I found the emotional body to be something extra and unnecessary. Little did I know that the emotional body held the key to my healing.