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Galactic Healing and Awakening

Galactic Healing and Awakening Germane through Lyssa Royal Holt

Our galaxy is filled with diverse life. It would be impossible to discuss every civilization within our immense galactic family. What matters most are the civilizations that affect Earth’s story of evolution. Much like how human parents are role models for children, these influential civilizations were the galactic parent archetype for humans on Earth. We inherited their challenges, wounds, and evolutionary gifts. When we understand our ancestors, we understand ourselves.

Many readers are familiar with the basic information about our galactic family that was channeled in my classic book, The Prism of Lyra. But much more information has been channeled since then. One of my channeled sources, a multidimensional group consciousness called Germane (who is known for providing detailed information about our galactic family), guides me as I write this. We will share information about our galactic family that is relevant to Earth today, most notably in the areas of healing and awakening.

Humans on Earth have a complicated lineage, derived primarily from the area of the constellation Lyra. The actual stars of our Lyran heritage are long gone, but we can still use the constellations as a guide for the areas of our galaxy that were once the home of our distant ancestors.