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Face the Ripening Karma

Face the Ripening Karma Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students and dear friends, I greet you this month with love and much support since these are clearly initiatory times on planet Earth. Events and circumstances are affecting everyone on personal and even global levels. While parts of the world have been experiencing initiation by fire, other regions have undergone initiation by water. So open your hearts and call forth compassion.

Times of shared planetary stress have always arisen, particularly at age-to-age transitions. However, the current transition seems particularly challenging, and you are constantly witnessing the global trends emerging as evolutionary dynamics play out. Thus, events, circumstances, and energetic imprints that arise anywhere are reflected everywhere. There is no avoiding the fruit of karma, and since it is now ripening at such impressive levels, it must be harvested.

As problems associated with the current immigration crisis continue to emerge, many negative projections are aimed at the migrants as if they are responsible for all social and economic difficulties. However, those who project the negative views toward these immigrants would likely do the same thing if faced with similar conditions. If your homes were being systematically devastated by senseless, never-ending wars, leaving everyone homeless and without basic necessities, wouldn’t you leave? If your children were being kidnapped, raped, shot, and tortured by criminals, wouldn’t you pack up the family and head for a safe place, where they can live, attend school, and actually reach adulthood? Rather than blaming those who are doing just that, I suggest searching for deeper, more reliable truths than what may be reflected at the surface. Immigration is not so much the problem as are the beliefs people hold about immigration or immigrants. The United States is currently facing a crisis, but so are European countries and Turkey.