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The Evolution of Ascension

The Evolution of Ascension The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

You can easily see that chaos, greed, discrimination, racism, bigotry, and many societal wars at home and abroad are still very much a part of your world. However, some things have changed. One of those changes has to do with the fact that young souls and new souls are incarnating at a large rate.

The young souls of previous years differ from the young souls of today. Those of previous years took longer to evolve because they were (and still are) extremely oriented to the physical world in a selfish way. Many of them are still alive, and they live the old version of the young-soul mentality that is stuck in the past. Most of them overly identify with their bodies and egos, believing what they own is what they are. They see the world as their personal domain and through a perspective of right verses wrong and good verses bad. Those who disagree are usually viewed as wrong or bad and deserve punishment or contempt.

The new young souls have had very few incarnations, and they carry the new DNA. Their lack of human experience can and does bring with it some naivety, but it also provides strong self-confidence and motivation. Some come in with overt personalities that will, over a few years, mellow to reveal their talents and interests. These young and very new souls will help to balance the chaos on Earth (Gaia) through innovative ideas, new thoughts, and love for humanity and Earth.