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Energy Follows Intention

Energy Follows Intention Amma through Cathy Chapman

Hello, dear ones. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. I support you as you go about your journey, living and experiencing in this lifetime. When you perform actions, experience feelings, or have thoughts, there is a reaction in your brain. There are wonderful chemicals that your brain produces: hormones, neurotransmitters, and some things scientists have not yet discovered. The chemicals interact with your subtle energies, which you do not see — your aura, meridians, and chakras.

Every time you think, act, or feel in a repetitive manner, you strengthen the tracing within your brain, reinforcing the connection to the capillaries of the meridian system, the microchannels of your energy system. Every time you repeat an act, you strengthen that physiological tracing in your brain, nervous system, and hormonal system. Physiologically, this process compels you to do the same thing you have always done. Consider this: Habits form a physiological imprint that compels you to further strengthen the tracing.

If a health care professional tells you to quit eating wheat to feel better, you’ll be determined to not eat wheat. However, you might have the desire to eat wheat when you’re eating out with friends. You might take some bread and dip it into that wonderful olive oil and balsamic vinegar with all the herbs. You had set the intention and sent it to your brain, your energy system, “No more wheat. My body is having a difficult time with it.” However, your body is used to having bread with every meal. Set your intention again: “I am going to change the unhealthy way my body is responding by not giving it wheat.” Feel it energetically within you.