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Emotions Will Run High

Emotions Will Run High Lynn Buess

The overall interaction of human, planetary, systemic, and galactic cycles and events will stir up highly volatile emotions among the masses. It is sort of like an outgoing tide that sweeps away debris and unstable and unattached materials. There will be more intense sadness, disbelief, anger, and other strong reactions to nature- and human-created happenings.

Nature will contribute events such as earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, and fires in populated regions. Nature and humanity are doing some major housecleaning, and there can be rejoicing for many who are coming out of the illusion and catching a glimpse of a world of potential warmth, integrity, and connection to the universal truth that will set humankind free. Will the cosmic egg crack open further and reveal more of our origin?

This is a moment that encourages the demonstration and application of a new feminine archetype that is powerful and potent, demonstrating a kind and patient wisdom in her dissemination of leadership. A refreshing catalyst comes with the restoration of cosmically centered female leaders.