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Earth Is Migrating to Its Normal Position

Earth Is Migrating to Its Normal Position Whale; a Founder; and Birds through Robert Shapiro

All right, now I will speak.

Your world is migrating to its normal position. For your people, human beings, to be able to migrate with it, you will have to become devoted to your well-being. Your well-being does not mean only you. It means the well-being of you and other human beings, even if you don’t know them, have never met them, or don’t feel good about them — and everything in between.

It will not be easy because you have been disenfranchised from the total being you, and this is not typical, not normal, as we say. All other life forms on the planet are not like that, so imagine you are like the bull in a china shop, which is how other life forms feel about you human beings.