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Dream Zone: Release the Pressure

Dream Zone: Release the Pressure Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

My dream last night was one I have had several times before. It is very vivid. I usually am in uniform again (I am a US Army veteran) but not for active duty, and we are attacked by a foreign country. We always position our fifteen planes in a triangular formation. However, last night, instead of dropping bombs on us, the opponents dropped supplies to help us. I always worry about getting home to my family in these dreams.

— Michelle, 52, Fishkill, NY

Lauri: We should be able to connect this to something that has been going on in your life. Since you had the dream again last night, something from yesterday triggered it. Has something repeatedly happened that has made you feel under attack metaphorically? Does anyone attack you verbally by insulting or critiquing you? Or is there a health issue that makes you feel as if you’re being attacked?

You were bracing for bombs, but this time you received supplies. This makes me think that, in real life, you may have been bracing for bad news or for something negative to happen, but the situation turned out to be positive.