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Discover More Harmonious Directions

Discover More Harmonious Directions Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

October is all about transformational heart energies. This is a time to take stock, go within, and discover your soul-heart’s truest desires. In doing so, feelings, emotions, connections, caring, love, and the value of life and living for all kingdoms will become apparent to all as the Age of Pisces comes to an end. This makes way for the rebirth of the human kingdom, calling for a more connected, cooperative, consciously interactive relationship with all kingdoms throughout the cosmos.

For centuries, the human kingdom has been programmed to follow the crowd and conform. The lesson is one of discovering the self while being cognizant of the effects that your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions have on you and the people and world around you. It is time for the human kingdom to become conscious cocreators in the web of All That Is.

As Venus approaches the Scorpio point of avatar, it will become extremely apparent where the energies of love and caring have been used by those who desire to express love in fearful ways to feel powerful, in control, and on top. As more people begin to see through the illusions perpetuated by fear, they will form small groups to implement more inclusive and truly loving expressions, and that will spread like wildfire as the passions and truth of Lilith’s wisdom once again fully express in all times, spaces, and dimensions.