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The Core Truths

The Core Truths Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is not a time for standard teaching methods or lessons on paper. Instead, it’s time to simply feel the energy of this message. The energy of this special message will take many decades to explain, and it’s difficult to truly project to you in the fashion I would like.

If you were to ask, “Who is Kryon?” there would be no answer any more than if you ask, “Who is love?” You could ask, “What is an angel?” and you would get an answer that would be nonsense to you. To understand angels, Humans must put skin and wings on them and give them names to make them discernable to Human consciousness. Otherwise, angels are simply floating energy.

Multidimensionality is timeless and does not have a location, not really. So there is no “where” when it comes to trying to identify true, core multidimensional energy. It permeates the field, and it’s everywhere. That may sound complex, but you really won’t have much trouble with this when you realize you are already used to it in certain circumstances. How can God listen to billions of prayers at the same time? See? In some ways, you are already current with concepts of the Divine that are vastly different from linear concepts. It’s impossible for God to listen to billions of people in a linear world, but you have allowed for this in your perception of God’s reality. That’s fine for God. But it is difficult for you to then suspend that which is you to take on other concepts that are beyond you and are multidimensional.