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Connect with Your Original Self

Connect with Your Original Self Beloved Malachi through Barbara “Marianna” Zimmermann

Can you assist me in unsealing the gateway to my memory bank so that I can remember who I was before my third-dimensional experience?

Indeed, beautiful one. Take a deep breath, and focus on your third eye. Gift unto yourself the ability to turn the third eye inward as we travel within what is called the brain and your pineal gland. Let yourself see far into the back of your head to your medulla oblongata. Seeded there in your brain are the most sacred aspects of memory! The memory that you desire is the memory of yourself, your soul self, and your divine self before your incarnation.

It is very important to allow the nature of your soul — your higher self — to guide you. We will be quiet for a while so that you can connect with your third eye. [Pauses.] See the tracking of your brain to the medulla oblongata. Then rest in the medulla. There, in your thought forms and your feeling energy, say, “I desire to see my existence before my third-dimensional reality.” [Long pause.]